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SCI was founded to provide expertise in radar cross section (RCS) measurements with emphasis on radar systems, data reduction and analysis, algorithm development and field measurements. Our product base includes short range zone imaging systems as well as longer range dynamic measurement systems. Our R&D efforts continue to advance the state of the art in radar design and algorithm development to support SAR applications including ATR, GMTI, and other advanced concepts. SCI is focused on customer needs and providing full spectrum support including engineering, field measurement, software development and manufacturing.


SCI develops highly capable and portable integrated measurement systems, utilizing radar techonology, to measure and to help maintain the radar signature of our customer’s assets.


We know that one of the best ways to stay up to date on customer needs and trends is to stay involved in field measurements. The services we provide are as important to us as they can be to our customers.


System support options are designed to ensure the integrity of the measurement system as well as provide a quality check on the data products that the system generates.